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I grew up in Sussex and always enjoyed visiting the county's castles. The castles cover a wide range of history. From Pevensey with much of its Roman curtain wall intact through to Herstmonceux, an early brick manor house built in the style of a castle. Many of the castles have seen battle and siege. Pevensey has been besieged four times since 1066. Hastings, Rye and Winchelsea have been sacked by the French on numerous occasions. The Battle of Hastings and the Battle of Lewes helped shape English history.

There are two main indexes, one for castles and the other for historic sites. These pages provides a picture index of all the castles and many of the major historical sites in Sussex. For each castle or historic site, I have provided a brief history, a picture gallery and a page with information that can help you plan a visit. The Sussex Timeline page provides a history of some major events that occurred in the county or impacted its people. The Glossary page provides a picture index that describes some of the architectural features of castles castles and churches.

The historical information on this site is mainly taken from old chronicles and charters, but a full listing of the sources I have used is provided on the Historical Sources and 
References page of this site. 

I hope you enjoy your visit!

Richard Bird.

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