Ashdown Forest

In Sussex, an area of the Weald north of Pevensey were afforested under new Norman "forest laws". The new forest was granted as part of the Rape of Pevensey to Robert, Earl of Mortain. In the Domesday book it was referred to as Pevensel forest.

At its largest extent, the forest was approximately 20 square miles. The current forest is approximately 10 square miles and is currently bounded by Crowborough, Forest Row and Maresfield. 

The forest contains evidence of human activity dating back to the Bronze Age and contains Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman remains. The forest has been the centre for iron industry dating back to Roman times. England's first blast furnace was built here in 1496. The forest is better known in recent times as the setting for A.A. Milne's Christopher Robin stories. For more information about the forest today please visit

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